Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blog Schmog

Honestly, I don't see how people can blog all the time. Yeah, I appreciate the internet to an extent, but come on. Being a mom is one ass kicking away from insanity. Who has the time? I guess if I wasn't preoccupied with other things, I would be available to blog to my hearts content.

So I said in my last blog months ago that this stage of Harrison's life is my favorite stage. Meh, I change my mind. I love this stage more!! 9 months rocks. He's not a major crawler, but he's just learning how to army crawl and is showing signs of full on crawling here pretty soon. Hooray and oh crap. But I have to say, watching a baby try new foods is always ALWAYS a stinkin' good time. There was only one time a couple of months ago that he wasn't having peas. And who would. They really tasted terrible. But that has been the only thing he has spit out. He doesn't appear to be picky anyway. Plus the NAPS....... God definitely knew what moms needed. Because its a heavenly reprieve. *Sigh.

Costco was an adventure today. He was getting a little crankenstein when feeding time came but, for the most part, was doing okay. I'm constantly surprised at how people respond to babies. Generally, people do a double take when they see Harrison. It's funny. But I love it when people say nice things and even not so nice things. Since he was sitting in a weird position in the shopping cart, I had to assist him a bit with his bottle. Something I haven't had to do in a long time. A gentleman said to me, 'Ya gonna make that boy lazy.' Oh good. That was my ultimate goal this whole time! There's your sign....... #$%$@&*hole. I heart Costco.

Holy splurge! Got the cutest hand puppets. Really shouldn't have, but you better believe I should. Go check it out fellow bloggers. So fun. Just a plug for nonsense Costco merchandise. They have them in safari animals, farm animals, bugs, and reptilian. Excellent church attending hush ups! $7.99 of worth it.

Lastly, I also thought that the movie Despicable Me was an awesome make you feel good movie. I laughed and cried and cried. Maybe there are just movies made for your own life's circumstance. This was it for me. The main villain, who is this despicable ornery man, (voiced by Steve Carrell) has an ultimate goal to steal the moon. He lives alone upstairs and has an army of minions downstairs. He is obsessed with, ya know, villain stuff. So not to be a total plot ruiner, he meets three adorable children who soften his heart and teach him what is really important in life. It's not really the results of his choices that is fascinating, but the softening of the heart and his change in character. Impressive. Most impressive. It just goes to show that people can always change for the better. Wicked awesome show.

Well, it's almost 1:30am. I don't get blogging!! Bah! But it's fun to journal to the cyber world. We will be going to the Rally to Restore Sanity on Saturday. Hope to get some amazing pics of all the crazies. Should be a blasty blast.

Good night!!


  1. Oh Tristan, how I love your blog entries! Hope all is well. Pics are ADORABLE!!!

  2. Maybe if you weren't as focused on "the glove" and super hoola then you would have more time to blog JM's wife.

  3. Love it when you blog! Love the pictures of Harrison!
    People are quite open about what they say to your children, I have had many a comments at Costco. I don't know what it is about that place, but people think you are family there so they can say whatever they want! Sheesh!

  4. I don't get blogging either . . . maybe someday it will become clear to us. But kudos to all of you who don't blog. You'll be smiling at us when we realize that blogging is an alien ploy to take over our living rooms. In the meantime, Tristen, I love reading about you, but don't feel obligated to entertain me. I just hope you're entertained by it, because you're grrreat!

  5. Tristan! I blogged stalked you from Trishy's blog! Hope you don't mind. I was just talking to her a while ago and asking if she knew what was going on with you and she told me you had a blog up! Ha. So there. I caught ya. Do feel obligated to entertain me cause I laughed my face off at this post! Lovely family you have.